Finding childcare you can trust is an immense responsibility and not something any parent takes lightly. In this blog, we’ll go over why having background checks on your potential nannies and au pairs is so important and why Delta Diligence is the best place to do it. 

Nanny Background Checks Ensure Proof of Claimed Identity 

The most important thing that a nanny background check provides is information regarding the person’s identity. With Delta Dilligience, you can be sure that the person rearing your children is honest, trustworthy, and safe for your kids to be around. 

Background Checks Find Any Criminal History 

Perhaps one of the scariest thoughts of a parent searching for childcare is the idea that many potential employees don’t disclose criminal history. It is reported that nearly 1/4 of potential employees have some sort of criminal history that they don’t share at the time of interviews.

While some of these incidents are minor, some are causes for concern and things you’d want to know before having someone in your home taking care of what is most precious to you. Particularly any cases of restraining orders by previous families they have nannied for. Although it is a scary thought, it’s important to face this possibility head-on and get your possible employee a full background check through Delta Diligence. 

Background Checks Also Look Into License and Driving Records 

Many childcare workers are responsible for driving your children to and from school as well as any after-school activities. Before you hire someone, make sure that they have a valid driver’s license. You may think that it’s enough for the potential employee to offer up a copy of their driver’s license.

Still, with all the fake IDs out there, as well as out-of-state IDs looking so vastly different from one another, it’s best to double-check with Delta Dilligience background check. Delta Dilligience can also look into whether or not the individual has a clean driving record and check for any tickets they might have received over the years in the state they are from or the state you and your family currently reside in. 

General Trust With a New Employee 

Although the other reasons we listed are more frightening, the biggest reason why you need a nanny background check before you hire is simple, trust. It would be best to trust whoever is working inside your home and spending time with your children. Running a background check with Delta Dilligience gives you a sense of relief that the person you entrust with your children hasn’t lied to you or mislead you about their past. 

If you’re already in the hiring process and wondering how long background checks take, Delta Dilligience is fast and discreet. Allowing you to get back to the more important parts of hiring a nanny like skills, qualifications, and interests. Delta Diligence is the best place to run a background check when hiring a nanny as they are highly effective and affordable.

  • July 22, 2021
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