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Hiring an employee is often a big commitment. Turnover is expensive and most business owners and hiring managers would prefer to keep good employees around for as long as possible. Before you are ready to decide if a candidate is a good match, it is always a smart idea to do an employee background check. Our employee background check includes address history, bankruptcy filings, social security number validation/verification, and nationwide criminal convictions* including traffic violations.

*Includes National Terrorist Watchlist and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Give your business the human capital it needs to succeed. Hire the most qualified team with definitive background checks and investigations from Delta Diligence. Our comprehensive and thorough screenings are vital to your hiring needs and heighten the scope of uncovering a potential employee’s history. Let’s face it: hiring a new employee or team member is risky. You invest an enormous amount of time and money onboarding and training new personnel, only to lose that human capital investment to circumstances that could’ve detected and filtered with an effective up-front process. We can relieve and mitigate your risk right from the start with our thorough investigative screening techniques and proven vetting processes.

The right candidate will understand that as a company, you need to criminal background check employees. However, our services are discreet and do not require permission from the applicant. We can complete your background check in as little as one hour. Once you have the information you need, you can make the best decision possible.

We hope the next candidate you hire is around for the long haul. And in the case that they are not, Delta Diligence is here to help when you need to screen the next round of candidates.


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