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Delta Strategic Solutions greatest attribute is our team of highly qualified professionals that uphold a high standard of service for all our clients worldwide. We have worked diligently and closely with clients to address investigative and security concerns (including cyber threats) in unique ways.

Our seasoned field agents and support staff operate as a cohesive team. At the helm of that team is our leadership, Dr. Steven A. Martello, Managing Director/Chairman; Victor M. Medina, President / CEO; and Collectively they have over 6 decades of experience in the security field and share a deep and unyielding commitment to excellence.

Delta’s security methodology is as follows: Intel gathering, forging a deep understanding of our client’s needs and concerns (culturally and emotionally), development and implementation of a security matrix that is flexible, adaptable, and dynamic to be capable of change in an ever-evolving environment from qualitative to quantitative, ongoing review, and post-operational debriefing.

Delta only recruits employees from security, law, and military organizations. Applicants undergo a rigorous review process for competency, grace under fire, and character. In addition, each team member must complete mandatory training before being placed on active assignments and receive continued extensive training as needed to develop and sharpen their skill sets. Every team member plays a vital role in ensuring client satisfaction, proactively troubleshooting, and assessing needs on an ongoing basis. Our field agents provide more than a physical presence, they are well-trained interactive facilitators that utilize available intelligence, account for known and potential threats to develop a fluid and relevant protective plan for your situation. All of Delta’s agents are licensed and certified.

DR. STEVEN A. MARTELLO – Managing Director/Chairman

Steven A. Martello, MBA, J.D. Ph.D. currently serves as the Managing Director and Chairman of Delta Strategic Solutions Inc., (“Delta”) global security and investigations companies, and security services integrators, with offices in Long Island and Juarez, Mexico which he has helped develop into an international business enabler for the clients Delta serves.

VICTOR M. MEDINA – President / CEO

Mr. Victor M. Medina President/CEO of Delta Strategic Solutions Inc. is a retired Lieutenant from the New York City Police Department where he has managed complex investigations, sensitive intelligence matters, tactical and anti-terrorist operations, and emergency operations.

WILBUR L. CHAPMAN- Senior Advisor to the Board

Wilbur L. Chapman’s long and distinguished career in public service uniquely qualifies him to lead any law enforcement agency. His depth of experience in conventional crime fighting and community relations is key to recruiting, educating, and forming a diverse group of police officers.

PHILIP P. SCALA – Special Advisor

Prior to forming Pathfinder Consultants International, Philip Scala served the United States both as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army for five years followed by his 29 years of service with the FBI.

Membership and Associations

– Charter Advisory member of InfraGard; a public-private partnership with the FBI for National Infrastructure Protection

– Member of ASIS- American of Industrial Security

– Associate Member of Retired Secret Agents

– Charter Member of Private Security Guard Association

– Member of FEOLA-Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association

– FEMA Certified- Incident Commander

– Deputy Commanding Officer General Staff United States Disaster Relief Command

– Member of SPIN- Security Police Information Network

– Society of Intelligence Analysts

– Police Benevolent Association- Retired Member

– Nassau County Police Department

– National Law Enforcement Associates

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