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Are you considering hiring a foreign employee and want to have a comprehensive picture of their history? Or is there someone you’re even looking at dating that is from a foreign country, and you want to know you can trust what they’re saying about their history is accurate?

Whatever the case may be, with a Delta Casino Diligence global background check, we can provide you with all the information you need so you have the peace of mind you deserve. Our global background checks are completed by a licensed private investigator and pull information from all international crime databases, court records, and employment history.

With our completed global background check, you’ll receive a rigorously prepared and detailed dossier on the person you request. And they’ll never know that you ran a background check as it’s all done discreetly by our licensed private investigator. Let Delta Diligence help put your mind at ease with our global background check services.

Corporate and Business Background checks (Due Diligence): We perform executive, board director, candidate, leadership, corporate due diligence, and competitive research, as well as competitive and opposition research to determine who you are doing business with, whether a corporate or political leader, vendor, joint venturer, acquirer or partner both domestically or internationally. Avoid financial loss, damage to the brand, and potential civil and criminal liability by ensuring you are associating with the right people in pursuit of your business interests.

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