STEVEN A. MARTELLO, MBA, JD, Ph.D. – Managing Director/Chairman

Steven A. Martello, MBA, J.D., Ph.D. currently serves as the Managing Director and Chairman of Delta Strategic Solutions Inc.(“Delta”) a global intelligence, security, and investigations company, with offices in New York City, Long Island, and Juarez, Mexico.

He is credited as the architect of Delta’s global network, responsible for the Company’s strategic development and for expanding its geographic and operational scope along with its enhanced suite of services, including its “Guardian Angel Program”.

Dr. Martello has inculcated a culture of the 360-degree view of security, continuous learning, and leveraging the value of disruptive technologies, business models, and processes into the corporate value blueprint of Delta. His reputation as a leading subject matter expert in security and investigations, corporate strategic planning, and operations is appreciated and courted in the security and Investigations Industry. He concurrently maintains interests in other diverse operations unrelated to the activities of Delta.

His leadership and vision have facilitated the seamless translation of his skills and experiences to build value and encourage innovation among his diverse assignments and initiatives on behalf of government, academia, and private enterprise. He along with Delta’s co-founder and management team has secured a robust investigative division capable of successfully undertaking complex international investigations.

Recruited by West Publishing Company, an international law book publisher he proceeded to become Assistant Director of Administration for the Izod Division of General Mills Inc., a multi-national food manufacturer, and marketing company.

He was subsequently invited to join the White House Advance Operations Team, during the Reagan and Bush Administrations (1984-1991) (including advance/security liaison with the legislative, political, and press offices on behalf of the Executive Office of the President (EOP): responsibilities included motorcade design, management and interface with the Presidential Airlift Wing and logistics support, specifically USMC HMX-1 (Marine One) and USAF VC-25A, CS 28000 (Air Force One) respectively. As a Presidential Aide engaged with the White House advance staff and security teams, he supported and interfaced with numerous law enforcement and intelligence agencies including, USAF special operations command, US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Secret Service, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Marshals Service and Interpol. He has consulted with subsequent administrations on security-related matters. He is an expert in diplomatic protocol and cultural norms in several parts of the world. He has also provided strategic and operational guidance on the development of the Reagan Continuity of Government Initiative (COG), on behalf of the National Command Authority.

He served as Chancellor of the International Institute of Management, accredited by the US and NYS Departments of Education, developed the course curriculum and certifications for executives including high ranking Russian and Chinese Government and business leaders interested in understanding and learning western business practices.

He taught business strategy as an instructor at Queens College to provide clarity on business responsibility and ethics. Dr. Martello engaged with the premiere consulting firm Mckinsey & Company, supporting corporate and board consultancies, guiding clients with respect to issues of innovation, business development, process improvement, performance benchmarking and analytics, change management, corporate turnarounds, M&A strategy, and execution as well as government relations interface.

He counsels companies on business improvement and security strategies, demonstrating how a well-designed and executed security program and platform can be cost-effective, return a robust ROI, enhance the value proposition and competitive advantage. These companies include a well-known Private Equity Corporation, a regional provider of medical cost containment solutions for insurers and municipalities, a developer of commercial energy projects and technologies, and an international product counterfeiting investigations, abatement, and monitoring company.

He has served as a commercial arbitration judge on behalf of arbitration and mediation forums, private parties, and the American Arbitration Association.

Utilizing his security and business experience, Dr. Martello has been appointed as a sworn officer in the Nassau County Police Department. He assists with community outreach, enforcement initiatives, and assisting the Department in its ancillary community support and safety functions. Recipient of the Department’s Meritorious Service Award, credited with saving two lives at an accident scene.

Dr. Martello believes in continuous training and education and serves as a CERT/OEM first responder. He is certified in CPR and use of AEDs, as an emergency management first responder (FEMA).

Among the many charities and associations he supports or is a member of, includes the Fraternal Order of Police, ASIS, ACFS, CERT/OEM, AMA, ABA, AFFA, Masonic, and Shriner’s initiatives including its Shriners Hospitals and St Jude Children’s Hospital, Volunteers of America, Child Fund International, Salvation Army, and The American Red Cross. He serves as a charter member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Dr. Martello is a practiced business professional, focused on results and enhancing value to shareholders and stakeholders. A graduate of Queens College, he acquired an MBA in Organizational Management, (1991) and a Doctorate in International Business Strategy and Finance from La Salle University Graduate School (1993) and earned a law degree from William Taft School of Law (1995). Currently pursuing certification in Villanova’s Six Sigma and securing the vaunted ASIS CPP designation.

He maintains relationships with the intelligence community including DOE, DOD, OSAC, DARPA, STATE, DHS, ODNI, and public and private partnerships including Infragard, FBI, and others, to share open-source intelligence among Delta’s public and private sector partners to maintain a comprehensive understanding of current security threats, mitigation, and abatement strategies, risk management tools, tactics and technologies to assist Delta’s clients manage and create cost-effective countermeasures against “black swan” scenarios and events.

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